Climate Symbiosis - Strategies to improve our built environment



| Strategy

Climate Symbiosis’ overall strategy is to combine different inputs and to explore them in order to reach the needed complexity inherent to technological and ecological systems.

In most of our works, CS integrates solutions from several research fields:

_ Energy demand and production with renewable sources

_ Human comfort in noise control and air quality

_ Sustainable urban mobility

_ Biodiversity by important green mass

_ Natural and technological water recycling processes

_ Integrated urban waste management

_ Optimized housing typologies and building systems

_ Building Information Modelling and Smart Systems

These strategies are valuable for different contexts. It can be applied for city renewal projects, as well as for landscape regeneration projects, or new housing neighbourhood projects.

| Method

The CS project is based on the conviction that our built environment can be benefited by a close relation with a well-thought urban green area. The symbiosis between these two systems is a field of research not enough explored until now. There are social and ecological benefits on short term and economical benefits on long term.

CS explores how people behave and interact with nature to design better urban environments. This is primarily done using field research methodologies.

CS maps possible future changes and urban voids to highlight new opportunities. Using tools and perspectives from research, CS looks for emerging social and technological shifts that indicate possible changes.

CS researches for latest technology and science innovation for possible applications in the built environment. CS materializes ideas or insights coming form field studies.

CS turns strategies and theoretical solutions in applicable projects. CS trusts on the need of a strong morphological solution, supporting policies with physical built environments.

| Projects

Team members of Climate Symbiosis have accumulated an extensive experience in researching and developing strategies for the built environment which have been published and exhibited along the past years.

_ Publications on Sustainable Building focusing on Innovation, Energy, Water, Design, Waste, Urban Planning and Added Economical Value

_ Policy making strategies and White Books on Sustainable Building

_ Exhibitions and conferences on Ecological Materials and its Economical Impact

_ Built pilot projects on sustainable housing and regeneration of degraded landscapes

_ Academic research projects on sustainable urban renovation and new urban developments

_ Coordination of research projects with different partners and enterprises focusing on the morphological solutions for a more sustainable built environment

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